Friday, December 30, 2005

Construction of a Flower

Lines and passage
Through the night lights burning brightly
Stars and figures
Along the summit's edge

Kept and holding
Stark reminder of thoughts worth binding
If for only
A moments peace

Trace the coridoor
Fingertips along a cool walls edge
Trace the figures
Kneeling in a trance

Slender shoulders
Graceful movements in earthern casing
Folded petals
Dripping fresh rain down

Hiding under
The vestments of parchment housing
Stilled beneath
The quiet ground

Seeds and struggle
Faith that grows in the ground up rubble
Eyes turned upwards
Faith turned in...

Saturday, December 10, 2005


And yet I love you
And yet it seems I have no choice
The controls
Are switch heavy
And I've been wrestling against currents
That want to direct me true
Come again
I want to go with you

I left you
And you let me leave
The choices
Are all empty
Longing only for the could've beens
With nothing left to prove
Come again
I want to go with you

My dearest feeling
Fresh with truth
Come again
I want to go with you