Monday, December 02, 2013


She's charging around my heart,
Like a bull in a china shop
Just a quiet girl, at the bus stop

She takes the 4:15
Every day it seems
Sits across from me

I don't know why it is
I always feel like such a wreck
Sitting on the 4:15

She walks across the parking lot
A mile from where they drop me off
Just oblivious

There's an ocean tearing at my seems
A mouthful of words I can't release
Every afternoon, when I'm sitting across from her
On the 4:15

I'm exclamation points and capslock
When we pull up to her bus stop
My eyes resting on the clock
When it's 4:15

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yeah, Again

Sorry mister, seems you just missed her
The girl with the too-long sleeves
Is unraveling at the seams

Should have been there
Had to be there
To get the joke

Not that it's in or out
Not that she's in or out
We're nothing if not extreme

Until they dance again
Fabled misery
Twisted hearts
Entwined, but unwinding
The girl with the too-long sleeves
And the boy with the headphones on his hip

Tell him how you feel
If you can pry the music
From his cold dead stare

Starry Starry night
He cuts his heart
Like others cut cocaine

No more mystery
Too much history
Behind his eyes

Until they dance again
Like they did eleven-ty years ago
Bowing, then promenade
Unbound, but binding
The girl with the too-long sleeves
And the boy with the headphones on his hip

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


"If it's a mistake, we're making
I'm happy it's with you..."

Bet you didn't know she cries at night
When the lights go dim
And the laughter's gone

Bet you didn't know
She only smiles bright for you

In the end, together in the end,
All the loose ends get tied down

Bet you didn't know she lies all the time
The melancholy she hides
Is closer than a friend

Bet you didn't know
You're all that separates her from herself

For "all the right reasons" sometimes
Is the worst reason of all

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

March of the Centipede

When I die, bury me on a hill
I wont roll down now
But everyone will see
Make it under the shade please,
Of a tall, old, bent birch tree

And now I see it, see it
Sunshine around the eye line
Just a fading back
Now towards the downtown,
In a frosty not quite spring

Fire up an old fashioned comet,
A star to sail over me
I'm out of wishes,
But I wish just one last thing
When you think of them
Don't think of me.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dinosaurs in Lithology

Misery is misery
I never quite seem to find
When I'm pretending to be happy
That solitary peace of mind

People tell me to 'enjoy life,'
'To be happy with what you have'
'After all what's the point of having anything
If the little things don't make you laugh?'

My mind's just never worked that way
I always seem to feel the dark
Clawing out through spiderwebs
And eclipsing mind and heart

I feel like apologizing all the time
Though I don't know how to begin
My head is so full of thoughts
Everything just feels like an end

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I won't do

The avenue, windswept, darkened by time
The whole damn street is wiped
Bled away the light
While the comets crashed overhead

Now it's like flowing backwards
Floating in a pool on a sunny day
When all I could see when I looked to my left
Was you

How it came to be? Reading too much
Into stars
And the day after Valentines

All life demands change
It's the nature of nature
Burning our bridges for us
Without even having to be asked

But I'd still dance with you,
Even if my card was full