Wednesday, April 05, 2017


I fade in, will you
Fade out with me?
Hand drawn circumstance
Cold blue steel
Color of a gun
In my hand
Color of a man
Will you,
Will you fade out with me?

Long before the panel
Judged what I had to say
Before I was just a few pages
Drawing a blank
I was just trying
Aren't we all just trying
Before the comic starts?

I fade out
Will you fade with me?
Fate in blocked cells
Ink for fingered prints
Under a yellow sun
I burn away
And the world turns
Will you
Will you, burn away with me?

Long after the dark night
Left me branded
In the pages yet unwritten
Blank, ready to be drawn
I'm still trying
God, aren't we all just trying
After the comic ends?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Want to Evolve

i have nothing
i never did
but i see the patterns
we create
the habitual
we populate

an endless topography
of scapes we've already climbed
reliving our reliving
of our re-relived lives
a life that is
like a construction paper snowflake
cut at the same angles
unseen till the foldout
we are everything we already were
but i want to evolve
want to be something more

I have nothing
I never did
I want to evolve
But I likely never will