Saturday, November 29, 2008


Through what hole can my soul escape?
Climbing down the stairs blindly
A spiral from above
But all I see is the straight line
Carrying me away
Care to Be

All these people
Faces the world has seen
And will see again
Never remembered
After the second generation
Come and gone again
On a Tuesday afternoon

I hope,
To one day
Gleam from the stars,
Where they really shine
And why they all
One day

Through what hole can my soul escape?
Trapped beneath
Inside this jar of clay
Screaming to the sky above
For the light to shine;
to cut an opening,
to my eyes
So I may see
Spiraling no more around me

Friday, October 10, 2008

[Poem] You and I

Love in the time of my last suicide
Where my end justifies the means each time
Always leaves me wishing for a last refrain

Born again in a cold November
Raised in the city by a kindly stranger
Just to find that I'd arrived too late

You and I are always yes and
You and I are always yes and
You and I are always yesterday

Woke too late, just to find you sleeping
A handmaiden's daughter barely speaking
Married to a man who was married to the game

I spoke quietly, you don't remember
How it was that last December?
You just shrugged and then you turned away

You and I are always yes and
You and I are always yes and
You and I are always yesterday

Maybe there will be tomorrow
Maybe we will be tomorrow
Maybe there will be no tomorrow

Friday, September 26, 2008

[Poetry] Slowly I turned

The show must go on
From a father without a son
Funny men aren't meant to cry
When the radio's turned on

Who's on first?
Baby don't fear
Wherever you are
You're going to hear

When the starlight shines
You're the only thing on my mind
Gonna run away with vaudeville
Gonna take my time

The show must go on
That's how it's got to be
Wherever he is tonight
I want him to hear me

[Poetry] Josephine

Josephine, my love
My sweet
Don't you understand?
Can't I make you see?
This is all just a dream

Josephine, my love
My dear
There's nothing to see
Nothing to fear
There's nothing here

Hold your head high
Take a deep breath
Run your fingers over the sky
Let go of the rest, and say goodnight

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

[Poetry] Recompense

This all seems so familiar

Do we need all this extra weight?
Burried, so we should leave it behind.

Just leave me behind

Dance caliber, sweet blue, behind her eyes
Diamonds on cheek, sparkle and shine
He holds her softly, rocking where they lay
Light shifting, bright to ashen grey

Tin shoulders rise and fall
Stand to meet the coming tide
The flow of tears that tear away
The tiers and ties that'd bind and sway

This all seems so familiar

Do we need all this extra weight?
What's burried should stay burried.

Just leave me...

One more refrain, before we leave
One more, one less we

Thursday, September 11, 2008

[Poetry] Shadows of Eternity

I am cut
Walking on the earth above you
Walking on the sky above me
You are deep

We are
All that we were ever meant to be
We are
Shadows on eternity

I am cut
Laying here all alone tonight
Laying here quiet by my side
You are sleep

We are
All that we were ever meant to be
We are
Shadows of eternity

Sunday, July 06, 2008

[Poetry] 20

Doesn't matter
Doesn't matter what you try
Doesn't matter cause when you die
You'll find it's not the what, but the why

Little laden, onion lady
Dangling from a line
Heaven waiting for a sign
'It is mine. It is mine.'

Doesn't matter
Doesn't matter who you know
Doesn't matter 'cause when you go
It's not who you know, but who you don't

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

[Poetry] 19

At 10:45 it was worth it to note
That I was barely alive, I was barely afloat
It took all my drive just to get me here
All my life just to make it clear

By 12:41 I was in a state
Sitting table crossed from your flowering hate
You told tales out of nursery to keep me blind
Tales of delinquency to make up my mind

In 2033 we'd watch the future unfold
But if we're still alive I'd be 50 years old
Sitting with you
Letting you talk
Keeping my eyes
Glued to the clock

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I'm sorry if I didn't dare
To say what's on my mind
Sorry if it takes twice as long
To circle round the sun now

I know where I went wrong
I swear I thought we were
But oh, no
Friends are forever
I think that's written in stone
Believe me
I know

I'm sorry if you thought
I didn't think of you
Sorry if everything moves
Just a little more slowly now


Hey the world might end next month
Then again I might just take a trip
See what's over there

Fallin' back
Into quicksand
Drowning in an afterthought

Hey the world might spin back in time
Or we could just sit in for awhile
See what's on TV

Swimmin' through
Dark matter
Becoming one wave afterthought

Dimensions open everyday
Portals happen
Black holes rip a part of life
But let's flip through the channels
See what else is on

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Over in the corner, what do I see?
A little shadow figure
Sulking miserably
His head, his heart, his body darkly
His eyes that sadly follow starkly
Have never looked upon the light
Have never filled up with delight
A somber life for one to lead
To exist but to never be
Never be, and what's more
Never lived, and never born

Over in the corner what do I see?
A piece of the picture
A sad kind of dream
What's now, what wasn't, what will never be
What was is only a dim memory
Trappings of scarlet lining the skies
Thoughts like telarian, trapping the mind
Forever broken at the seams
Like a disenchanted dream
A pitiful half painted scene
From an artist who has gone to sleep

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Maybe we made a mistake
But at least we made it together
Misery loves company
And it makes me feel better
Just to say

Tonight all the stars
Might rain down on us
And the oceans may wave
Even as they rush
Buildings might topple
And mountains break
But at least we're together
In our mistake

Maybe we blew it
But it's alright this time
Because to err is human
And together is divine

Sunday, March 02, 2008

[Poetry] Over You

Wake up and I go 'round again
Same old, same old
Ask me how I've been of late
Same old, same old
Returning the questions to you
Same old, same old
Same old motions we go through
Same old, same old

I've been warned and warned myself
Thought it through over and again
Everything says it's time to move on
Everyone says the end's the end
Time to just except the truth
But in truth I'm over getting over you

Friday, January 25, 2008

[Poem] Where the world was

The water tastes dry
As she sits on the park bench
Mouthing words no one hears
Tears filling her green eyes
Cigarettes for safety belts
Stop her from crashing into him

They float away

Paper-mâché whales
Swimming through stars
And the backseat of cars

Silver on the edges of leaves
Leaves the tree and falls
Spiraling down into her soul
Where she feels his hand
Feint whispers beg thoughts
Of cloudy nights and six year olds