Friday, December 30, 2005

Construction of a Flower

Lines and passage
Through the night lights burning brightly
Stars and figures
Along the summit's edge

Kept and holding
Stark reminder of thoughts worth binding
If for only
A moments peace

Trace the coridoor
Fingertips along a cool walls edge
Trace the figures
Kneeling in a trance

Slender shoulders
Graceful movements in earthern casing
Folded petals
Dripping fresh rain down

Hiding under
The vestments of parchment housing
Stilled beneath
The quiet ground

Seeds and struggle
Faith that grows in the ground up rubble
Eyes turned upwards
Faith turned in...

Saturday, December 10, 2005


And yet I love you
And yet it seems I have no choice
The controls
Are switch heavy
And I've been wrestling against currents
That want to direct me true
Come again
I want to go with you

I left you
And you let me leave
The choices
Are all empty
Longing only for the could've beens
With nothing left to prove
Come again
I want to go with you

My dearest feeling
Fresh with truth
Come again
I want to go with you

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How it is

I find it hard at times to understand...

How the music fades into the sunset
How the clouds burst in unrest
How the laughter lingers still

How the ground gives up
To the harvester a full cup
How just going through the motions
Can be more than overkill

Most of all I find it hard to understand
How it truly is that the music writes the band

And in the silence wonder still...

How the movement foreshadows
The Chaos that follows
How the air we breathe
Turns to liquid in the lungs

How the skyscrapers manage
To paint a lovely garden
How the smallest thing
Can make an old man feel young

But most of all I find it difficult to understand
How it happens that the music writes the man

Saturday, October 01, 2005


When the last vestiges of bitterness betrays
The feelings you can't repent
In the stillness of your heart you feel
The coolness in the rent
Destroyed and never full again
Broken and fallen apart
You used up all your second chances
And finished your restarts

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Track 4

Something soft to lay on
Something sweet to drink
All the lights turned down
And I listen for you
In the scratches of old tracks

I lay back
Eyes closed tight
The fire mellowing down
And Hear you call
From the scratches of old tracks

Falling deeply
Into the old familiar
Dreaming of falling down
Joining you there
In the scratches of old tracks

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Undoing

Well, I tried
And no one can say that I didn't
I tripped the day
And set off the night
Now the fires
Burning backwards
Are a worry
And the headaches I have
Don't leave without a fight

But that's alright

Well, I know
The greatest trials hang the jury
When they judge not
The failures of monsters in men
Still I falter
Should I stop her?
In the shadows
Drinking in the music
Of way back when

Or let it all just end

I saw you laugh
I heard you sigh
I felt you felt
You wanted to die
But we're both just the same anyway

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Spaces

On the street, next your 'next to my street'
Is a house that is ancient in ways
It has grown from the feelings I once held
In my dead end days

In the driveway you can see me driving
In a car that was once ours but mine
You can come along if you'd still want too
To go back in time

Under books
An edges of carpet
Beneath shadows
Dusty and worn
Lays a token
I once had worth stealing
In my dead end days

In a picture that's hard now to picture
My reflection is there under book
You can stare into me staring back out
If you dare to look

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Drinking back the endless praise
Of memories that never fade
Youth and tirless ambition
Casting tall
Over used ammunition

Your heart broke at age 15
When you first began to see
That all you were dying to hold true
Didn't hold
To what others saw as you

Now the moments pass as days
AS does does glory wrapped in haze
They broke your vestiges of youth
And condemned you
To living out their truth

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Can't just accept
Can't feel

Sleep so far away
On the altar of relief

Can't take it in
Can't accelerate

No smiles
No laughter now
I deny

Deny the only happiness

Can't accept the hope
Can't and possibility