Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Undoing

Well, I tried
And no one can say that I didn't
I tripped the day
And set off the night
Now the fires
Burning backwards
Are a worry
And the headaches I have
Don't leave without a fight

But that's alright

I heard, you saw the battle raging onward
Saw you hear,
What no one else wanted to
Did my penance
In broken sentence
Off the record
Said a Hail Mary for me and you

But that's all through

I saw you laugh
I heard you sigh
I felt you felt
You wanted to die
But we're both just the same anyway

Yesterday, today

Well, I know
The greatest trials hang the jury
And I judge not
The failures of monsters in men
"Should I stop her?"
Still I faulter
In the shadows
Drinking in the music
Of way back when

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