Friday, April 23, 2010


A simple little dance
We shared once before
But that was
That was in the way back machine

I'm rarely sleeping
These days when I dream 
I know I'm just
Just a thought away from you

I can almost feel those old songs
We listened to in the pouring sun
I don't want to fight it anymore
You always kept me grounded;
Tethered, down to earth
Now my head's forever in the clouds
Lost in you

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Peter and the Wolf

Peter stands before the curtain
Sees her from the corner of his mind
He's so polite
He's always so shy

The curtains lifting, there behind them
The wolf struggles, pulling at his binds
The wolf survives
The wolf cannot die

He can't find the words to tell her how he feels
The wolf wants out.

Strips of paper, pencils, plaster,
Red ink penning words he's tried to rhyme
He's so polite
Always so kind

Piles lining paper baskets whispering
'Pete, the wolf's inside
He still survives
The wolf cannot die'

He can't find the words to tell her how he feels
Thinks he'll die alone

Susan watches silently
Fighting feelings she tries so hard to hide
She's so polite
She's always so shy

And as the curtains falls away from behind her
The wolf wants out.

Friday, April 16, 2010


See the light shine brightly
From the corner of her eye
There is something still running there
Something she's held on to
Even as hope seems to fade

Footsteps shuffle around
Making notes she'll never see
Telling tales 
That have nothing to do 
With a life lived

She smiles wide and states convincingly

I'll soon be found burning bright
My fire screaming through the night
You'll sing my name as I pass by
My light eclipsing
Shadows that fell over me

And I have no doubt now

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Score

There is music hidden within the night
Chords struck
As the moon whistles its light along the tree tops
The swaying of branches
Echoing beats
That are buried deep inside the wood
Ripples across the pond
Sing vibrato
Crashing into cat tails
That stand tall
Playing their strings to a crowded house
I feel the anxious fluttering
In the piccolos flapping their wings;
Hear the thundering bass
In the longing of their hearts
I see the music played to a score
Written across the stars
For all to follow along
And I lay back
In the grass content just to be
A note in the night.