Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleep is the Enemy

The darkness sweeping over me
Remember like I was seventeen

Try not to blink
Don't get cozy

What's this taking a third my life from me
Pulling shadows up from somewhere deep

Reminding me what's going by
Remember like I was twenty-five

What's this taking a third my life from me
Lurking somewhere waiting patiently
It's got to be
My enemy

Turn lock
Waiting patiently
Drip drop
Tick Tock
It's my enemy

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I swept the cobwebs from the shutters
Moved the furniture around
Tried to feng shui up the house

Trying to spin chaos into peace

Just wanted to clean up my mind
Have a fighting chance tonight
When your shadows wake me from sleep

I'm living in the scarlight

Went for a jog when I woke at eight
Had a grapefruit and health shake
Getting back in shape

Find that slimfast state of mind

Miles and miles trying to run away
Leave you far behind
Til you cover me again tonight

Help Them See

the rain Helps me think
when I'm staring into Evening skies
sitting back Listening to the shadows speak
dancing away from People onto tree-lined streets

and so what if Tomorrow is awake
tonight we stand Here and dream
tonight we are Everything Morning
could never hope to be

slip down, See the sea
of Endless faces taking in
the endless beauty that Eclipses we

Dizzy in the Hue

Blue starlight
Massive flames of carnal expression
Death and remembrance
Heart and ambassador to the ever never we were so sure

Daily rethink
Blessed and we
Like a silver statuette
Dormant dominance
Shaking minds like trees

Here we go
One more tragic happy scene
See where paint flecks away
Never quite seeing what we weren't meant to be

The stars are the limit
Find your way
Flying out today
Catch those cold unending seeds
In the scratched out surfactant sky