Sunday, February 14, 2010

Token Valentine's Day

A million voices laughing loud
And I'm alone again tonight
Don't talk of fishes in the seas
Don't whisper words of Valentines

And it's 38 steps
From my front door
Completely sober
Making my bed
On the floor
Falling over

Don't tell me that it's the kind of night
For staying under the covers
When I know it's not the time
For recovering lovers

It's not the time for us
I guess it never was

Saturday, February 06, 2010


I walk, you walk too
Side by side but not together

Is it wrong to remember,
To want to be something more than now?
Is it wrong that I still feel our youth,
And wish I was walking with you?

I see, you see too
But it's with different points of view

Is it wrong to feel this,
To want to go back the heartache?
Is it wrong not to turn away?
Cause I see you these days,


She sees
She feels the pain
And when her daughter tries to ask her
She says, 'it's hard to explain.'
Cause she feels,
With out.

Late night
Tap dance
Old movies, with romance

Scanning the channels for a sign

She says, 'if I can just find the right program;
There's a piece of myself I want back.'

But there's nothing on

She sings;
Closes her eyes
And when the sun starts raining down on her
It's been a short night
She's with out
And she knows now

She says, 'if I can just find the right man;
There's a piece of myself I want back, from him.'

But there's nothing on
Nothing good is ever on.