Saturday, November 29, 2014

drowning from within

Forgive me if I go on
I'm only diseased
I'll smile and I'll play nice
From behind the scenes

I'd really rather feel
Anyway but how I feel

Spent the last fifteen holding onto dreams
That were foolishly calculated
In my idiot teens

I want to fall back, laugh, and run
Get away and maybe then
I won't play foil again

Maybe just end up back here roughin' it

Running in circles makes me dizzy
Makes me want to scream
"It isn't ice water
It's something else in his veins"

To live afraid of drowning
Even I can see the humor in
The irony of a man
Drowning in his own skin

To say what?
To say I say the least
If no one else wants to
Why should I want to be me?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

God Save Mr. Partridge


The question we have in common,
Though you'll probably never see
It's the one that's been there since the beginning
Infecting the creation of everything

One more stanza,
How could we refrain?
I'm not questioning the cobwebs
Not who or What forms the rain

All I ask, is what we all want to know
Where did we come from,
Before anything came to be?
Where did that first moment
Exist in our reality?

You can keep your big theories
I can keep my God,
Ultimately we're both believers
That we're here at all

Your Eyes

Like two peridots they gleam.
A shade of envy,
For affections, I'm envious to glean.

The color that looks best on everything
And that's why I gotta keep,
Gotta keep your eyes on me

Is it an affectation,
If my words never find the intended audience?
Or is it just indicative
Of a soul that's somehow lost?

The color that looks best on me
So you know I gotta keep
Gotta keep your eyes on everything

Friday, June 06, 2014


I'm not her
Than she could be we
I'm not selling the customer on the misinformation
That seems to be feeding me
I'm not dazzling brilliant
Softly array
Not head and shoulders
Standing tall on the backs
of your prey
I'm not 'I haven't felt this way in so long'
I'm not the final verse in her favorite song
Everything I am seems to be
Thin lines transparent
Covering other's transparencies
To say I'm in over my head,
would be like repeating an old line:
These days I feel over all the time
Recycled words in my mouth
Like pulling oil
Swishing it back and forth
I don't know how much more I can take of this non-profit
Just point and click,
upsell respect,
Turn your head,
Deep, deep breath,
now spit.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Telling tales never got me anywhere
Just a drop off point in the middle of exclamation
With words that pour from the faucet
Ideas that cling like static
Hopelessness even as I'm hoping still

In the end they tell me - in the end all that matters is what came before
In the end they tell me, nothing really matters before it all

Comes crashing
Like a shadow chasing a ball
But not causing it
Like the acid corroding away us all

In the end they tell me, nothing really matters before the end


You be in charge of me
I'll be in charge of you
You can grab my coat
And I'll help you with your boots

Oh, I, think it might rain today
But between you and me,
That's okay
I was never really bothered by rain
It's the days without weather
I can't take
And anyway
I think I can handle anything today


Where with her, he thought suddenly, solemnly
She's just another angler, angling
Dangling the dream
She treats life like it's just a facsimile
Indifferent to say the least

She wears her smile like her press on nails
Breaking when scratching at a surface
Twin spirals
A Gemini pushing through the outside
Two sides to every story
And she always has five