Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Tree

I hope you don't fail in the summer
When the sky is still burning with rage
Cause under the auspices of autumn
We will all get to tumble again

I hope when you open your letters
That it's with an unyielding hope
Cause no one should have to dread their own name
Or find they're surviving to cope

And the ladder unfurls
Rolls down the tree
A little bit of twine
Perfect for scraping, your knees

I hope when tomorrow comes I'm with you
We can plan out the day to day events
We'll spend a season in minutiae
Till all of our reasoning is spent

I find there's no tree
That can't be climbed
If you've a mind to it
So, if you want to climb the tree
If you want to climb with me
Then ladders be damned, scraped knees and all, you'll be fine.