Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Telling tales never got me anywhere
Just a drop off point in the middle of exclamation
With words that pour from the faucet
Ideas that cling like static
Hopelessness even as I'm hoping still

In the end they tell me - in the end all that matters is what came before
In the end they tell me, nothing really matters before it all

Comes crashing
Like a shadow chasing a ball
But not causing it
Like the acid corroding away us all

In the end they tell me, nothing really matters before the end


You be in charge of me
I'll be in charge of you
You can grab my coat
And I'll help you with your boots

Oh, I, think it might rain today
But between you and me,
That's okay
I was never really bothered by rain
It's the days without weather
I can't take
And anyway
I think I can handle anything today


Where with her, he thought suddenly, solemnly
She's just another angler, angling
Dangling the dream
She treats life like it's just a facsimile
Indifferent to say the least

She wears her smile like her press on nails
Breaking when scratching at a surface
Twin spirals
A Gemini pushing through the outside
Two sides to every story
And she always has five