Sunday, April 15, 2007

Best of the worst of times

I heard your father left
Your mother's getting sick
I heard your dog ran away last night
I know the pressure's mounting
Can hear your heart pounding
It's ok, I've got a shoulder, cry

Called me up late last night
Said she didn't know what was wrong with life
Said through tears, she'd be alright
But I wouldn't hear it
Said she shouldn't be alone, when she's like this
Said I would be there in a little bit

She's so much prettier
When her masscara's ruined
The tears offset her eyes
With a perfect blue
So for better or worse now baby
Here's to bad times, may they
Always stay

She says, she says

She says,
I never bought into this world
How could I be comfortable
On a planet that doesn't have cup holders?
And sometimes I feel so much madness in the air
I have to get in the car and drive nowhere

She says,
This life is too confusing
How am I supposed to get the hang
Of an existence that has no manual included?
And sometimes I feel so suffecated everywhere
I have to turn up the white noise, so I can get some air

abstained dress

Bury my head in the lone prarie
Someone's in the mirror and he's looking at me
I think there's something dark in his eyes
And I don't like what he's saying 'bout mine

Mother's not home, daddy's not here
Just a balsa wood ceiling and an ice cold beer
This old girl don't care where we go
In the back of the van at the punk rock show

Someone said to me the other day
Something about her daughter was late
Remember when etiquette's in doubt
Tip your high school sweet heart on your way out

Bury my mind in chemistry
Someone's in the mirror and he's looking at me
I don't think I like what I see
And I don't think he cares for me