Saturday, October 18, 2014

God Save Mr. Partridge


The question we have in common,
Though you'll probably never see
It's the one that's been there since the beginning
Infecting the creation of everything

One more stanza,
How could we refrain?
I'm not questioning the cobwebs
Not who or What forms the rain

All I ask, is what we all want to know
Where did we come from,
Before anything came to be?
Where did that first moment
Exist in our reality?

You can keep your big theories
I can keep my God,
Ultimately we're both believers
That we're here at all

Your Eyes

Like two peridots they gleam.
A shade of envy,
For affections, I'm envious to glean.

The color that looks best on everything
And that's why I gotta keep,
Gotta keep your eyes on me

Is it an affectation,
If my words never find the intended audience?
Or is it just indicative
Of a soul that's somehow lost?

The color that looks best on me
So you know I gotta keep
Gotta keep your eyes on everything