Monday, February 26, 2007

By Night [poem]

Eyes bright
Big as the starlight
She shines down
And I drown.

In her face
I get lost in amaze...

Sweet but, bitter the seasons that come to pass
Composing, whistful lyrics for all that has
Something like to the skyline
Born again every night

Bright eyes
Fueled by twilight
They lie down
And I drown.

In her face
I get lost in amaze...

Sunday, February 18, 2007


When's it ever going to end?
When will I get to breathe again?
I just want to call it quits.
I just want to be numb to it.
When will this end?

What if failure's all I have?
What if that's my only friend?
I don't want some cosmic truth.
I don't want to pine away for youth.
What if it never ends?

Sitting, watching a moth
On a lazy nighted window sill
Powder dust for wings
Just hungering for the light
From the outside in
From the inside I
From the outside in
I'm on the inside out

When will it be enough?
When will they leave me alone?
I just want to sit for a moment
I just want a second of peace
When will I get my relief?

What if I don't want to finish
All of my bad deeds?
What if I just want
So desperately?
What if I hand out
All that I've dealt in?
What if I give you
Everything to