Sunday, February 18, 2007


When's it ever going to end?
When will I get to breathe again?
I just want to call it quits.
I just want to be numb to it.
When will this end?

What if failure's all I have?
What if that's my only friend?
I don't want some cosmic truth.
I don't want to pine away for youth.
What if it never ends?

Sitting, watching a moth
On a lazy nighted window sill
Powder dust for wings
Just hungering for the light
From the outside in
From the inside I
From the outside in
I'm on the inside out

When will it be enough?
When will they leave me alone?
I just want to sit for a moment
I just want a second of peace
When will I get my relief?

What if I don't want to finish
All of my bad deeds?
What if I just want
So desperately?
What if I hand out
All that I've dealt in?
What if I give you
Everything to

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