Saturday, September 17, 2005

Track 4

Something soft to lay on
Something sweet to drink
All the lights turned down
And I listen for you
In the scratches of old tracks

I lay back
Eyes closed tight
The fire mellowing down
And Hear you call
From the scratches of old tracks

Falling deeply
Into the old familiar
Dreaming of falling down
Joining you there
In the scratches of old tracks

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Undoing

Well, I tried
And no one can say that I didn't
I tripped the day
And set off the night
Now the fires
Burning backwards
Are a worry
And the headaches I have
Don't leave without a fight

But that's alright

I heard, you saw the battle raging onward
Saw you hear,
What no one else wanted to
Did my penance
In broken sentence
Off the record
Said a Hail Mary for me and you

But that's all through

I saw you laugh
I heard you sigh
I felt you felt
You wanted to die
But we're both just the same anyway

Yesterday, today

Well, I know
The greatest trials hang the jury
And I judge not
The failures of monsters in men
"Should I stop her?"
Still I faulter
In the shadows
Drinking in the music
Of way back when