Sunday, November 18, 2012

In Case Of Emergency Break Heart

Would you rather be, should you have the choice;
A saint in a cathedral, singing praises unto God
Or would you like to be, a king of the high streets
Sweeping out the gutters on that straight and narrow road?

Don't look at me like that.

I hear that God bottles every one of our tears
He hears us when we call to him, when we say our prayers
I understand his wrath, his judgments, and that he doesn't change
On the just and unjust both he'll forever make it rain.

But I guess I just don't understand
What it is that makes a man.

Cause God bent down and he formed Adam from the earth
He breathed in deep and exhaled into him
Gave him a world that few would dare believe
And Adam like a man followed his God given Eve

Don't look at me like that.
It makes it hard for me to stand.
And I guess I just don't understand.
What it is that makes a man.

Cause it's hard to deny, you're the apple of my eye
And that sometimes the truth is less appealing than the lie.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sixty Lines of Hate For Every 1 That Loves...

She took her watch off looked at me and said:
I thought we were just enemies,
That then became good friends.
What the hell happened, how did "we" begin?
I took her hands, I held her eyes and I said:

I fell in love when you weren't looking;
Every time you turned your head
Or shut your eyes my heart opened
And every time you closed a door
I smiled inside because I knew

There wasn't ever going to be anyone for me but you.

She took her time to clear her mind before she said:
How bout we just go out for coffee instead?
A perfect bookend to to a catalog of let's be friends
Another ending to another could have been.
I took her hands, I held her eyes and I said:


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Tree

I hope you don't fail in the summer
When the sky is still burning with rage
Cause under the auspices of autumn
We will all get to tumble again

I hope when you open your letters
That it's with an unyielding hope
Cause no one should have to dread their own name
Or find they're surviving to cope

And the ladder unfurls
Rolls down the tree
A little bit of twine
Perfect for scraping, your knees

I hope when tomorrow comes I'm with you
We can plan out the day to day events
We'll spend a season in minutiae
Till all of our reasoning is spent

I find there's no tree
That can't be climbed
If you've a mind to it
So, if you want to climb the tree
If you want to climb with me
Then ladders be damned, scraped knees and all, you'll be fine.

Monday, August 20, 2012


The earth revolves around the sun
The stars are set in their place
The oceans are contained
The sky, the clouds, are as they have been.
The children are at play
Man and woman run around like ants
The trains run, planes fly
My world lays fallen and cracked
As it was the days before the day before
Today before and there after
The universe is in balance

Saturday, June 02, 2012

All In All

All my,
All in good time
Is all but gone

The thick canister is rusting through
The acid from inside
Used to hold it tight
Burning from the inside out now all around
Spilling on the carpet, etching through the ground
It's all I can do to lose in private
Quiet, away from you

Now, to hide the truth...

Seeing dark spots clouding up my sight.
Tiny black holes trying to find
A way to cut down this my little light
Holding onto tightropes
Afraid of what is down below
And everything I do know
In a straight line

Now, to hide the times...

Stay away
From everything
Anyone you find
Who reminds you every night
All of my
All in good times
Were all but lies
All but not forgotten
For awhile
It was nice to smile.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Borne of Light

I don't hear your voice anymore
Not that I ever did before
It's just gone now.

And I want back what I never knew, but felt I should

Where you do hide
And where I want so badly to know
All those little things...

Was I right before I went wrong?
Was the circle just a que;
Standing in line
Waiting to get back to you?

I see your shadow,
And I wish to be there again
In the comfort of your branches

No more epithets,
No apologies,
I have, I was, I'm not
Now, can we please get back
To where we weren't?
Where I stopped?

For all have fallen short...
Notwithstanding, I wish to run.
Through the grass dipped in flecks of liquid gold
Chasing back through the tunnels now gone vague.
Till I find myself back in your fields of grace
Just a tumbler in the locked dawn

Monday, January 09, 2012

Down the Road

When you break,
Where do you break?
Like a thousand little pieces
Each with points where the wall gives way
When you break,
Where do you break?

Well I've spent the last few years
Breaking over you.
Bending over backwards
Twisting every which way to avoid the truth
I've spent the last few years
Breaking over you

Tell my love, should we never meet
I ran down the road, not across the street
Traded everything in a quiet flowing stream
Down the road, not across the street.