Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Generic Cut & Paste Take 6

It's her spaghetti strap
In an overlap
Falling down the banister
climbing up both legs

It's in the back room
In the back store
In the closet
behind the box of

Everything within her hands
was lost before
the night began
to worry
What's that look on her face for?
Everything that's come to pass
was bottled up
inside that dance
What's that's look on her face for?

It's with the minister
with his barrister
And he's very stern
Watching it slide on by

It's in the words he says
What she doesn't say
For a moment they'll
think back to what was


I don't think I wanna be me
So just let me drift on the sofa
And I'll be anything
But what's in my head

When I say
This world is an envelope
Containing a letter I'd rather not read
I swear,
I didn't know that it could be past due
For everything I know
I swear

Cloud cotton candy
Day dreaming dizzy
The back porch is rotting
Out in the sun

It seems that we never
Talk silent
And I am
All that's too blame
For the words in my head

When I say
I'm down for whatever you may possibly throw my way any way whatever you say
I swear
That I lied
I swear

18 and laughing
6 years and running
My heart is no more
Nor shadows nor stone

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dandelion Wars

When I was
When I was
Sixes and Sevens

It was the years of my summer
And I was still new upon this earth

I held a stick for a sword
The battlefield laid out before me
In my back yard
With an enemy
-Damn fierce-
Armies in the dandelions
Marching all day long

With only me to take the fight to them

When I was
When I was...

Here I am,
31 years old or so
At sixes and sevens
Already set in my ways
With sicknesses and syndromes
Soliloquies on serviettes
I cannot help but wonder
-Drowning from the inside out-
In the space of two dozen summers
Where the hell the warrior went?

No blade as sharp as time

When I was
When I was

Friday, March 13, 2015

Soon I'll be older than you

It's been six years
Feels like forever
For a mother, daughter
Sister to two brothers
Could it be another?

Twelve years
Where did all the time go?
Watching all the grass grow
Forgetting all the in-jokes
Wonder if I still know

It's been ten years
Now we're getting closer
Now I'm getting older
Salt over my shoulder
Am I getting colder

Eight years
Finally the truth
And how can it be,
I'll soon be older than you?
Older than you.
With memories fading
You're never aging
Ageless and retaining

It's always appropriate when it rains today.