Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dandelion Wars

When I was
When I was
Sixes and Sevens

It was the years of my summer
And I was still new upon this earth

I held a stick for a sword
The battlefield laid out before me
In my back yard
With an enemy
-Damn fierce-
Armies in the dandelions
Marching all day long

With only me to take the fight to them

When I was
When I was...

Here I am,
31 years old or so
At sixes and sevens
Already set in my ways
With sicknesses and syndromes
Soliloquies on serviettes
I cannot help but wonder
-Drowning from the inside out-
In the space of two dozen summers
Where the hell the warrior went?

No blade as sharp as time

When I was
When I was

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