Saturday, June 02, 2012

All In All

All my,
All in good time
Is all but gone

The thick canister is rusting through
The acid from inside
Used to hold it tight
Burning from the inside out now all around
Spilling on the carpet, etching through the ground
It's all I can do to lose in private
Quiet, away from you

Now, to hide the truth...

Seeing dark spots clouding up my sight.
Tiny black holes trying to find
A way to cut down this my little light
Holding onto tightropes
Afraid of what is down below
And everything I do know
In a straight line

Now, to hide the times...

Stay away
From everything
Anyone you find
Who reminds you every night
All of my
All in good times
Were all but lies
All but not forgotten
For awhile
It was nice to smile.