Monday, March 28, 2011

Picture Show

Turn out the light
My heart shines too brightly
And everywhere I go
I'm like a walking picture glowing

Turn out the light
My heart burns too brightly and
I'm afraid that you will know
When I'm a walking picture now showing

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Five years to the day I woke up crying
Not really understanding why I was
I found out when the night fell
When the quiet broke my heart

It really should have been raining
But it never works out that way
When you're standing, left empty
By the phone call come and went

I dreamed last night that you were back
Like you'd gone away on a trip
I went to get you a book
One that we'd discussed
Then I remembered that you were gone
But the dream it didn't end
We all went on as we had before
Except that no one paid you any note
We left you just sitting there
A fading light in the corner of my room

Monday, March 07, 2011


Time so vast discouraging
Like the thrashing of the sea
Misting grey and crashing blue
Letting waves roll over you

What has lasted wasn't right
Like the holes torn into night
Park light trying to consume
Empty benches nature's pews

And I stand by
Waiting for the sunrise
And I stand by
Waiting for my sunrise

Just one last chance to see the colors shift and change
Before the emptiness of night has fully been washed away

In The Out Door

Caught in a familiar place
Our hero dances resolute
somewhere between kitchen accessories
and the freshly butchered steaks
the voices sounding overhead
singing one come one all
but our hero isn't listening 
He just stands in the aisle and says

Every underdog is a heretic
Flying in the face
Of convention and establishment
demanding he come in last place
there's no time for course correction
when you're slamming into the shores
Breaking down your own beliefs
Waltzing in the out door