Monday, March 28, 2011

Picture Show

Turn out the light
My heart shines too brightly
And everywhere I go
I'm like a walking picture glowing

Turn out the light
My heart burns too brightly and
I'm afraid that you will know
When I'm a walking picture now showing


Anon. said...

I can relate to this so much.


Rekha said...
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Rekha said...

very soft like a slow song heard through the gentle sea breeze.

Pat Tillett said...

Nice! I've known that feeling once or twice! You have a very soft side of you. It really comes out in your poems...

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Nicely written! You have a wonderful creativity. Thanks for the post. Have a nice day!

Angela Felsted said...

I love your use of repetition. I feel the longing in this.

Discovery Underground said...