Sunday, March 13, 2011


Five years to the day I woke up crying
Not really understanding why I was
I found out when the night fell
When the quiet broke my heart

It really should have been raining
But it never works out that way
When you're standing, left empty
By the phone call come and went

I dreamed last night that you were back
Like you'd gone away on a trip
I went to get you a book
One that we'd discussed
Then I remembered that you were gone
But the dream it didn't end
We all went on as we had before
Except that no one paid you any note
We left you just sitting there
A fading light in the corner of my room


Anna said...

I'm so sorry.

Pat Tillett said...

I know this is good, because it made me sad...
Good and happy times and/or events don't usually inspire me to write. I'm thinking you are the same way.

Anon. said...

Beautiful, as always