Sunday, May 30, 2010


Somewhere out there
Someone's whispering to me
Turn up the volume

Cause I see right now
How in silence I've found
My on call room

Is there a frequency...
Something I've been missing?

Cause somewhere tonight
The radio buzzes to life
With a heartache

And I flip the switch
Turn the dial away
For my own heart's sake

Is there something, that I've missed?
If I change can I find...

A frequency of happiness


Hair like glass
Blown by the sunlight
Embers and ashen
In her eyes
Each of her movements
Graceful and fluid
Like the edge of a curb
Under fast falling rain
Her soul is exquisite
An inspired piece
Kind and sincere
With just the spark of a queen
She's everything I should want
Everything I could dream
But she just isn't you
So she's just not for me

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Even though the scars are many
I feel like I've seen the light
Feel like I've found a threshold
That's held up against tonight

The stone that built my shelter
Harbors many safe within
Against the raging of the surface
And the axle's deadly spin

He's held on though I've fought him
Trying to let myself drown
But he somehow always brings me around

Lifts me up and puts me on solid ground

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Nobody Stops to ask the boy
Why he quietly acts like an idiot
Is it self esteem or plagiarism,
Or the back end of a ruler
That struck him hard to his inches?

Feeing is for cowards
And no one even thinks to guard themselves
We're a world wide floating emoticon
Perched on the tailslide of last week's news

Don't yell it...
Turn your caps off
If you can hold on
Hold on
Hold to it and think
The future isn't always that

Seems like I heard your voice
In the rustling of pages
It's all I can do now to sit here
And think about what was; what wasn't,
And what damn well never will be.