Monday, April 30, 2012

Borne of Light

I don't hear your voice anymore
Not that I ever did before
It's just gone now.

And I want back what I never knew, but felt I should

Where you do hide
And where I want so badly to know
All those little things...

Was I right before I went wrong?
Was the circle just a que;
Standing in line
Waiting to get back to you?

I see your shadow,
And I wish to be there again
In the comfort of your branches

No more epithets,
No apologies,
I have, I was, I'm not
Now, can we please get back
To where we weren't?
Where I stopped?

For all have fallen short...
Notwithstanding, I wish to run.
Through the grass dipped in flecks of liquid gold
Chasing back through the tunnels now gone vague.
Till I find myself back in your fields of grace
Just a tumbler in the locked dawn

1 comment:

Pat Tillett said...

Lot's of sad and wanting feelings in this one. Once, after a very hard and painful breakup a counselor finally made me see that I was missing the "fantasy" of what I wanted that relationship to be, NOT what it really was. That's the feeling I felt when I read this.
Thank goodness time passes quickly.
Nice writing Tim...