Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wave 5

I see it all so clearly now
The lines painted and left to dry
A fistful of quarters for my youth
A 1000 ways to watch the world die

I was the one always swore I knew
Time was not something to mess around
I should have died when I was 3
But I somehow never hit the ground

Now I'm standing here
All cowardice and collapse

We sit and drive the TV set
Of late nights with Stephen Fry
Where Are They Now: Angels of mine
You know I never said goodbye

Oh now,
I feel lost and out of reach
The sky is falling down
All over the world
The weather vane's hopeless
Couldn't find anything to last
The world keeps moving
And I'm spinning
Way too fast


Kitty Moore said...

The first four lines are incredibly powerful - please post more poetry! x

Sadako said...

Loved your poem!