Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Little Nonsense

It was quiet over the city, which didn’t matter to me in the least as I was in the suburbs. Rain battered the outside of buildings, somewhere, but I was inside looking out at the warm winter night.

Maybe it was my sentimental heart, or maybe it was the tequila… Either way I had just one thing on my mind. Trouble is, I couldn’t think of what it was. Also I didn’t have tequila in the house so what I had drunk was a mystery to all.

Beside me the exercise bike had seen better days. Not many, mind you, but beggars can’t be choosers; sometimes. It seemed to be a metaphor for my life, always in motion but never going anywhere. Deciding this was too deep a thought, I quickly threw it out the window into the grass. It laid there looking back at me, hurt. I tried to tell it that I might one day have time for it, but not at the moment.

I was busy you see.

Off in the distance a bird was calling. Another bird answered, but the call was collect so it declined it. Ah, to be young and a blue jay.

Suddenly I remembered what it was that I’d forgotten; the thing I’d been trying to remember all along. Quickly I hobo’d my way onto the train of thought which was just leaving the station. As I sat in the car watching the progression of mind meeting relevance, I was startled to see that everything connects one day to the next. It was a humbling realization.

One that I wanted no part of.

An instant I jumped from the moving train, remembering just in time to tuck and roll, and came up safe in the place between thoughts. It was all at once empty and full. I tried to think of something. Anything. Alas, in such a place no thought exists. Madness descending, I quickly leaped out of the way, landing back in my flat beside the exercise bike.

As things had turned out the way they had I decided there was only one thing left to do. So, taking hold of the stationary bike, I rode off into the night.


Pat Tillett said...

Whimsical and very dark all at the same time! I had to fight my brain which was trying to make sense of it all. Then the LSD kicked in and I was there...

"I hobo’d my way onto the train of thought..." I LOVE this amazing line and wish I'd thought of it!

TS Hendrik said...

Thanks Pat. Every so often my head gets a little too full and I just have to empty it. No drugs involved but I know it must read like that. haha

Rek said...

Nice isn't it? be able to leave the person behind and watch ourselves like an observer would...I do it all the time...striking and visual, made it to Canada and back on your bike? somehow I really liked this part "Another bird answered, but the call was collect so it declined it."

chrischaos said...

little? jkjk

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