Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ninety And Nine

The neighbors are quiet
Everyone's gone inside
On a sunny bright but forgotten eve
Satellites are catching rays
In bursts of sound and stratosphere
And I'm colliding with the rest of them
Colluding with the unescaped
Collecting fragments of ourselves
Our past.

There's a whisper on the lips
Of demigods and debutantes
Fears and conflagration
And pastels on the walls

With a Sunday shade of worship
We all concede the field
It wasn't what we hoped for
Wasn't what we asked for
And we're colliding once again

She needs to wash her windows,
He's got to change the oil
There are pine cones in the pool out back
There is family coming in from Perth

Carefully, and constantly pushing further on

I never understood
How it can be
When ninety and nine of the world want peace
Ninety and nine just want to be left alone
How one can end it all.

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