Thursday, October 06, 2016

Darkness Renewed

Even nightmares aren't so bad anymore.
Shadows lift, sigh, and fall back to the ground.
It's night out this morning. The sun didn't rise.
No eclipse.
No parables.
No light.
The evening was a reverie of bubbles and desire.
Floating through the ceilings of the trendiest of places.
She was there, and so was he, and also his gal.
We were fearsome in our devilish quartet.
Music followed us around the boardwalk.
Times were, what they were meant to be.
Love, and mystery.
Excitement and trepidation.
Dauntingly, a roundabout of emotions.
Now sings the morning that didn't dawn.
Now the burden of a cathedral's bell's ringing.
Men, women, and children fleeing.
Nowhere and everywhere at once.
And from what?
Nothing in the darkness seems to bite.
There are no call outs of bullets or bombs.
No poisonous whispers of burning agendas.
Nothing but the dark.
And I lay here with her,
She lays here with me.
Looking out the bedroom window,
Into the black.
I think we'll stay in today.

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