Thursday, October 11, 2007

[Poem} Dying Alone

I hate the things I've become in your eyes
The guilt in my lungs dripping with lies

Don't stand too close to the fanning flame
The little flickers tearing down my faith

I'm not a shadow now, I know I'm just a fake
Ashamed of, and always counting on my breaks

You don't condone this; condemn me...
But I'm a runaway, running far away

I hear them say to me:
You'll die alone
But that don't scare me
Cause I know I'm going home
The only thing that really freaks me out
Is the thought of living a lifetime without...

Without your presence
In my life

You can't condone this; don't condemn me please
I'm just a runaway, who wants, to run
Away from me

Don't want to live, alone...

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