Monday, October 29, 2007


there are no more moments
and I feel this would be a good time
time is always too short
when you're running out of it
a lot like sugar in that respect
always in the pantry until you're ready to cook

i guess I'm trying to set straight
records I don't actually care about
whom did what to who
or who did who
matters not in the grandless scheme of far out things
matters even less to those involved
but sometimes the best conversations
are like tires spinning in the mud

i should probably start over
in most cases I probably would
but the earth is spinning further from the sun every year
and I'm just trying to keep my bearings
til I'm ready to fly off
or would that be falling?
there's no bottom or top
so I guess what I'm asking is
if I stand down, am I standing up?

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