Thursday, September 16, 2010


I hear you can't go home again
If you had one to begin...
Another start of another end
Living on the rend

They say the storms on Venus
Are not something to be missed
The lightning shines the brightest in
The darkest grasp of space

And so I sing a soft goodbye
To familiar satellites
That hung around my neck so long
The view eclipsed my sight

Said, you're right
And there's nothing like
Into the face of a storm
And not coming home


Pat Tillett said...

"another start of another end."
Great line Tim...
nice poem also. Almost always a sad bent to them...
I'm always happy to see when you've posted here.

TS Hendrik said...

Thanks Pat. You're right I do tend to post sadder stuff here. I need to put up some of my brighter pieces.