Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dark and 20'd

Sure he hears her heading up the stairs
But there's nothing really left to say
Might as well go ahead and stay

Floorboards creak as she makes her way
Through a bedroom darkly she creeps
All alone, she wants to scream
So it seems
She might as well just go to sleep

On the back roads of the world
We always seem to make our homes
Trying hard to keep ourselves apart
Turns out
It's just another way to break your heart


W.B. said...

Yet another fabulously written poem. Good job, TS. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Pat Tillett said...

one of a million ways...

Very very nice Tim!

Anonymous said...

Your poetry is well written, I appreciate it very much. You're very acute at introspection and it shows.

Take care,

Sara said...

I don't usually like poetry, but I like this. :)

Cotton Blossom said...

The last two comments tickled me for some reason. You are such a neat guy, TS... Tell me, how *do* you stay single??? It just doesn't add up. Wait! Are you single? I just assumed because you've never mentioned anyone, that I know of. But maybe you just think it's none of our business... Well dude, get used to the prodding, with talent like this it's only a matter of time until you're discovered... And you know how we Americans have to know the scoop on our stars.

Kitty Moore said...

'Trying hard to keep ourselves apart, Turns out it's just another way to break your heart'

Beautiful and insightful.

Scare Sarah said...

Aw, that's lovely! *wipes a tear from cheek*

Lan Party Crew said...

sweet, great work here. I like the feel here.

A Fistful Of Moonbeams said...

Wonderous both technically and content-wise. Tone, diction, imagery, and construct (that echo rhyming really works!) -- all work seamlessly here. Bravo!

Anon. said...

This is beautiful.


tomi991 said...

lovely, wish i could write like you :)

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Rek said...

You have captured the distance that creeps in most relations so well...