Tuesday, November 09, 2010


So maybe today I sing out of tune
But one day I'm going to hit every note
One day I'll never run out of air
My lungs will never give out
Soon I'll sing and shout
And feel a hundred years in my throat
A blast out in the heavenly choir
Putting all the angels to shame
So maybe today I can't write the music
I hear when I'm alone
One day my heart will shed this body
And I'll travel the speed of light
My song will rise from deep within
And be written into the night
And I will finally become
The song I've always wanted to write


Anon. said...

This is beautiful.


P@ul@mi said...

hoping that your tunes always hit the note :)
nice poem!!

MarkoManager said...

I follow your blog, please visit mine...

Pat Tillett said...

I think you always write beautiful music... And this poem is no exception!

Volataire said...

Your music is captivating, and emotional. The song title itself is powerful and makes you want to listen to the song.

Well done, I hope to see more of your work.

Cotton Blossom said...

TS! Oh my, my. I love it. Really, I do. It is so, so true. I hope people hear what you are saying. And I hope this poem doesn't stay locked up in the ghost office for long.